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AGRULINE Semi Finishes
Semi FinishesPower supply industry
The significance of water resources is continuously increasing,
therefore it is necessary to increase the efficiency of new as well
as existing hydro power stations. Although alternative energy
like solar power, photovoltaik or wind generators are on the rise,
hydro electric power plants are essential during times of peak demand,
night and wind loss. AGRU provides highest quality liners,
which are the base for leakproof dams and reservoirs in the hydro
electric power industry.
Regardless of the application AGRU supplies highest quality liners,
pipes and fittings to ensure a safe and reliable electrical power
Leisure and tourism
Tourism is an important branch of the economy and has very high
requirements for sealing systems. Water reservoirs for the production
of artificial snow or ponds and channels in water parks as
well as pools or artificial lakes require best quality liners.
AGRU produces for those applications highest quality liners made
of polyolefin materials to provide leakproof sealing systems. Products
such as pipes, fittings, sheets are made of similar materials
and are therefore compatible with AGRU liners. This guarantees a
high quality construction.
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