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Industrial Piping Systems Bio Waste Treatment Plant - Decomposition Plant
Bio Waste Treatment Plant - Decomposition Plant Bio waste treatment plant
in Zell am See, Austria

Polypropylene ventilation pipes in the dimensions 63-1200 mm, SDR 33 were used for this project. Furthermore, reducers, bends, tees, etc. in injection moulded and segmented design were installed. Butt-, socket- and extrusion welding were used as connection methods.

Bio waste is the basis for the extraction of compost (mixed manure) by means of a controlled process in this plant at temperatures of 0-70°C and a vacuum resp. an over-pressure of approx. 7000 Pascal. The resistance of Polypropylene to the transported media, e.g. ammonia and different bacteria is excellent. The calculated life time of this plant is 25 years. Approximately 30.000 kg of PP were installed in total at this project.
Industrial Piping Systems
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