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Industrial Piping Systems ECTFE in Polio vaccine fabrication
ECTFE in Polio vaccine fabricationECTFE piping system in pharmaceutical company in Belgium

ECTFE (Ethylene – Chlorotrifluoroethylene) pipes in dimensions Ø50 - Ø90mm were used for this project. Furthermore, reducers, bends, tees and other injection molded fittings were installed by company TEBLICK (Belgium). Butt fusion was chosen as connection method. There are approximately 900 welds and over 70 flange connections. It is an installation of 4 parallel networks for contaminated effluents and condensates coming from the different stages of the production – fermentation, inactivation, purification and laboratory.

The piping system transports the different liquids to the decontamination – station in the basement. The piping system is sterilized by using hot sodium hypochlorite and ECTFE is perfectly resisting this acid.
Industrial Piping Systems
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