AGRU1.1 AGRU LINE Agruline Piping Systems HDPE piping system for gas and water supply.File Download : 1.2 IndustrialIndustrial Piping SystemsPiping systems out of PP,HDPE PE 100, PE 100 RC , PPs, PPs-el, PVDF and ECTFE for industrial applications. Dual piping systems for the transport of aggressive media. File Download : 1.3 Purad Pipe for Pharmaceutical PuradPVDF-UHP, PP-Pure and Polypure piping systems for the distribution of Ultra-Pure-Water in semiconductor-and pharmaceutical industry. File Download : 1.4 Concrete Protection Agrusafe Sure Grip concrete protective liners and installation-accessories out of PP, PE, PVDF and ECTFE for the protection of concrete structures against abrasion and chemical corrosion. File Download:1.5 Lining Systems Lining SystemsLiners and installation accessories made of HDPE, VLDPE, FPP and FPO for applications in landfill engineering, hydraulic engineering and tunnel engineering. File Download :1.6 Semi finished Semi Finished Products Sheets, bars and welding rods out of PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF and ECTFE for the manufacturing of tanks and for use in apparatus engineering. File Download :1.7 Mining Industry File Download :1.8 Bridge Building File Download :
Industry pipes overview english.pdf
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